Before starting the training course, read through the below list of terminology that will be used throughout the training course.



Aliases can be used to create simplified web addresses. When using the term alias, we are referring to the URL of a web page.  For example.  The alias of this page is http://www.fhsu.edu/cmstraining/terminology. 

Archiving Content:

Content can be "archived" and removed from the site, rather than deleted


A file that is managed with the DMS (Document Management System) within the content folder. PDF's, Word Documents, PowerPoints, etc.

Bookmark Anchor:

A link to a specific placeholder on a page


An organized navigational list found at the top of content pages. AKA "yellow tabs"

HTML Content:

An HTML web page

HTML Form:

A web form created to gather information from a user


A clickable word or picture that connects one piece of content to another


Folder that stores images, quicklinks, and hyperlinks that can be inserted into webpages


An organized navigational list. Examples are top menu, and left and right menus


Descriptive data about page content. Title, Description, and Keywords are required metadata for all HTML content and assets


Revert content back to a previous version


A pre-defined layout for a page


The central location where you can manage your website

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