Quick Tips

See below for some Quick Tips about using the CMS

Line Spacing:

Use Shift + Enter to space down one line. Pressing Enter, will create a new paragraph and will make 2 blank lines.

Updating Documents:

To update a PDF or other document that is located within your "Content" folder click the PDF and choose Edit.  Use the Browse button to find the updated PDF. Be sure the PDF's are named exactly the same.

Updating Images:

To update an image go to the Library and find the image. Click the Overwrite button at the top.

Where to Upload Items:

Put PDF's, PowerPoints, Word Documents, and other "content" in the Content Folder. Use the Library for images only.

Don't Delete:

Deleting can only be done by an administrator.  Archive pages instead of deleting.

Add or Edit (Collections):

To add or edit a collection click the folder and then either choose New -> Collection or View -> collection and then Edit.

Change the Banner image:

To change the banner image, edit the content item and then click on the Metadata tab.  Click edit in the "department-image" area and upload your image.

Change Menu Items:

To change Menu items contact webmaster@fhsu.edu

NEVER Paste from Word:

NEVER use the Paste from Word feature.  It adds code that is not compatible.   Instead, paste from a plain text editor like Notepad.

Title all Pages:

Every page should have a Title that describes the page. This title should use the H1 style.


Aliases can be used to create simplified web addresses. If a document has an alias, and all links pointing to it have used the alias, then the item can be moved from folder to folder without breaking links anywhere.


When creating forms be sure to fill out the Email information after you publish the form.

Edit In Context:

Edit in Context is a very fast and easy way to make basic text and link updates directly from the web page. Navigate to the actual webpage (while logged into the CMS). Hover over the Silver Bullet at the top left and choose Edit in Context.


Use the restore feature to revert your page back to an earlier version.

Videos & Social Media

Videos and Social Media can be added by using the provided embed code.

Calendar Events:

Events can be added to the Master calendar by selecting Taxonomy -> Master Calendar on your calendar event item

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