As the name may allude, the workarea is where all content management takes place.  You can create and edit content, view reports, update your profile, manage the library, and more.

In order to fully utilize the CMS, it is important to become familiar with the organizational structure of the workarea.  The below content will guide you on a “tour” of the workarea.


 Workarea Tour


 Workarea tabs


Desktop Tab
  • The desktop is the landing page upon initial login.  You can customize the desktop to your liking. 
    To customize the desktop, click on the black down arrow tab at the top right of your screen. 

  • desktop1 
  • A drop down horizontal list will appear.  Any of these items can be selected to display on your desktop each time you log in.  
  • If you click on the small gray down arrow, you can add columns, tabs, or reset your workspace.

  • desktop2 
Content Tab
  • The content tab contains the folder hierarchy for the website.  Permissions are granted accordingly, so only certain folders can be edited by certain groups.  This is where users can create new content, add documents, and organize their pages.
Library Tab
  • The library tab contains the same folder hierarchy as the content tab.  However, the library tab is where images are kept, as well as “quicklinks” to content items and other documents.  Library items can be added within the library tab, or they can be added while editing a content item.  
Settings Tab
  • The tree hierarchy appears on the left.  The User Profile section is the only section that a user will need.  This is where the password or e-mail can be changed
  • There are various reports that can be viewed regarding the pages that you have access to.  This section also contains the tasks reports.  Many users will not need to access these features.
Help Tab
  • The help feature allows users to search for information, or look it up via the index or Table of Contents.
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