Find the Career of Your Dreams in Speech-Language Pathology

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a career in Speech-Language Pathology is an excellent and growing profession due to an aging population and medical advances improving survival rates of premature infants, trauma and stroke victims.  

For many years, FHSU graduates have achieved high national exam (Praxis) pass rates on the first attempt. Employers and externship supervisors actively seek out SLP graduates, and the department enjoys a superior job placement rate.  Enter the workforce with all the tools needed to excel. Academic success at FHSU makes you competitive in any job market, large or small, anywhere imaginable.

Recent alumni have worked in: educational systems and cooperatives, government health agencies, hospitals, preschool agencies, rehabilitation companies, infant-toddler programs, educational systems and cooperatives, home health care agencies, long term care facilities, private practices, and universities.

Still not sure if a degree in speech-language pathology is right for you?  Visit FHSU’s Academic Advising and Career Exploration Center to learn more about possible careers, or contact us to speak with a faculty advisor with experience in the field.

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