Mobile Teaching and Learning -
Current Program

The Mobile Teaching and Learning Charter is a planning document that makes policy recommendations. It is a joint recommendation from the Instructional Technology Policy Advisory Committee (ITPAC) and the Provost's Council.


Policy Guidelines


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All hardware-related repairs of student-owned tablet and laptop computers must be referred to local vendors. Unless otherwise specified by FHSU, vendor/student communications regarding purchase advice, repairs, upgrades, or other purchases and maintenance issues will occur solely between the vendor and the student. A list of local vendors is available through the Learning Commons and CTC HelpDesk

Although there may be some exceptions because of the type or management of the learning experience, students should expect to be able to use their computing devices in class. Students should not expect the use of computing devices in all classes at all times. Faculty can expect, however, that when adequate notification is provided, students will have the necessary computing devices for any and all learning experiences. Some learning experiences will be designated in course schedules as "tablet" or "laptop" intensive. Students should consult with the instructor to receive a complete explanation about what computing devices are needed and how the may be acquired for these learning experiences.

When appropriate, faculty are expected to integrate computing devices and other technologies into both traditional and virtual learning environments.


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