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Where can I find information about buying a laptop?

The Learning Commons offers guidance for laptop purchases by providing the information you need to get started on the purchase process. You'll find minimum hardware specifications, a discussion of the various types of machines available , and online resources to rate currently available products.

What kind of laptop should I buy for my child?

Please consult your student's program before purchasing a laptop, as some departments have individual requirements or recommendations on platform (PC or Mac), specifications and size. If the department has no requirements, you are free to purchase whichever product fits your budget and your student's needs. See the Laptop Purchase pages at the Learning Commons for a discussion of the differences between products and platforms.

Will this laptop be used in all my child's classes?

While Fort Hays State University has a Mobile Teaching and Learning program firmly in place and supported throughout the institution's infrastructure, faculty are not required to use mobile teaching elements in every lecture. Some of your child's professors my use laptops in the classroom frequently while others may not. However, the laptop you purchase will ensure that your child is able to keep abreast of the modern career marketplace, is able to complete assignments in all classes, and is able to take advantage of mobile learning opportunities when offered. FHSU has comprehensive wireless coverage to facilitate laptop use throughout the entire campus. In addition, Smart Rooms, laptop-ready and equipped with large-screen TV monitors and DVD players, have been set up throughout Forsyth Library. These mediated study rooms are designed allow individuals and groups to be as creative as possible in incorporating technology into their assignments and can be reserved by contacting the One Stop Shop.

Do I have to purchase the laptop from a specific vendor?

FHSU does not have exclusive contracts with any vendors. You are free to work with whichever company or manufacturer you feel the most comfortable or whoever offers the best value for the product you decide to purchase. For a list of student discounts, please visit the Laptop Purchase pages at the One-Stop-Shop

Can my child borrow a laptop?

FHSU offers a limited number of short-term loan of laptops to students through the One-Stop-Shop . These laptops can be borrowed for three days with the possibility of renewal for two additional three-day terms. However, as the number is limited and the service is popular, these laptops should not be used as a replacement for purchasing a laptop for your child.

Do I need to purchase specific software for my child's laptop?

Please contact your child's department and review the syllabi for their classes for any specific software that might be required. As a minimum, we would recommend MS Office (or an open source alternative) and an anti-virus program. Before you purchase software from an outside vendor, visit the FHSU Software Center where you will find popular programs at deep discounts.

Does FHSU get discounts on software?

Yes! Visit our Software Center for up to 80% off on popular software like MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

Is there anywhere at FHSU for my child to go for help with their laptop?

In direct response to the anticipated impact of the Mobile Teaching and Learning initiative on students, FHSU created the Learning Commons in Forsyth Library. The Learning Commons exists to help students with all aspects of technology and learning, both in person and online. Students can drop by, go online, email, chat or telephone for assistance with a wide range of issues including hardware and software troubleshooting, software training, equipment loan, and much more.

If you have other questions not answered here, please contact the Learning Commons for more information.

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