Mobile Teaching and Learning -
Current Program

The Mobile Teaching and Learning Charter is a planning document that makes policy recommendations. It is a joint recommendation from the Instructional Technology Policy Advisory Committee (ITPAC) and the Provost's Council.


Policy Guidelines

All new, on-campus students enrolled at FHSU are expected to have available a mobile computing device in the form of a tablet, laptop or netbook computer for use in university learning experiences of all types. Because of their versatility, enhanced functionality and compatibility with classroom use, the university recommends, but does not require, the acquisition of tablet computers. Some programs (e.g. graphic design) and individual instructors employ Apple computers in their courses and/or curriculum. This exception to policy is permitted, but students should check with their advisers or an individual faculty member teaching the class to assess whether Apple computing devices are required in a course.

Students have the freedom to choose and purchase equipment from any vendor when preparing for this technology-enhanced learning environment. However, equipment and software purchased must have the capability to run software applications specified by the University and must meet the hardware/software specifications listed in the Resources section.



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