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The CSI staff cares about you!

We believe that the unique collegiate experience is enhanced by activities and programs outside of the classroom. The CSI staff helps provide you with the necessary tools and resources for your goals and success. Our leadership retreats and programs provide opportunities for you to succeed in and out of the classroom.

 vince  amber
 Vincent Bowhay
Assistant Director, Memorial Union/
Student Activities & Special Events
Amber White
Coordinator, Diversity Affairs

Jacob Ternes
Coordinator, Student Involvement
& Greek Life,

Senior Administrative Assistant

CSI Student Staff
Ashley, CSI Office Assistant
Blake, Tiger[Link] Technician
Daisy, Diversity Ambassador
, Graphic Design
Nick, CSI Office Assistant
Ian, Tiger[Link] Technician
Josh, Greek Ambassador
Kara, Graphic Design
, CSI Office Assistant
Seth, CSI Office Assistant
Stephen, Diversity Ambassador

Graduate Assistants:

Alex Shaw

Student Activities/Special Events
Josh Maples
Greek Life
 Student Government Association
Chris Roberts
Student Body President
Reed Tevault
Student Body Vice President


Brandon Taylor

University Activities Board (UAB) 
Rachel Linch
Dylan Hogan
Vice President for Membership
Jessi Haulman
Main Events
Brandon Whitehead
Vice President for Programs
Brenna Johnson
Nyaha Maforo
Mini Events