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Center for Student Involvement
Involvement Opportunities

 You can find countless opportunities for involvement at FHSU, but taking the first step can be difficult!

Why not make it easy for yourself by pursuing interests you are already familiar with. Check out the list of FHSU student organizations. The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is your ultimate resource for getting involved and gathering information about the Fort Hays State. With more than 100 recognized student organizations to choose from, you're sure to find one that interests you. Can't find a group that matches your interests? Why not just create your own! Five students is all you need to get started!

Organization category types:
1. Campus-wide (Groups that any student can join)
2. Departmental (Groups that are associated with an Academic Department)
3. Honorary (Groups whose purpose is to recognize student achievement)
4. Religious/Spiritual (Groups that serve a religious or spiritual purpose)
5. Residence Halls (Groups that are associated with an FHSU residence hall)
6. Social (Single sex Fraternity or Sorority groups)

Renew or start an organization on TigerLink; connect with your members, post an event, track your co-curricular involvement.

Are you looking for social, cultural, even education activities to attend? You can find it here at FHSU!

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