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Media Equipment Checkout

Projectors and Screens

Let Media Equipment Checkout help enhance your next presentation by providing a projector and screen for your next big pitch.

VT660 Projector
NEC 660 Projectors

Features include RGB input and output, 2000 ANSI lumens and can be placed with the range of 2.4 to 30.2' away from the screen.  

VT670 Projector

NEC VT670 Projectors

Brightness: 2,100 Lumens

LT280 Projector
NEC LT280 Projector
Brightness: 2,500 Lumens

Tripod Screen

Tripod Screens

Available in two sizes: 3'x5' and 5'x5'. These screens are portable and suitable for small to medium sized rooms.  

Framed Screen
Framed Screens

Much larger in size, these screens are suitable for larger rooms and crowds. Available in two sizes: 6'x8' (front projection) and 9'x12' (front and rear projection).