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Mondays-Thursdays:   8am - 10pm
Fridays:                           8am -  5pm
Sundays:                         5pm -  9pm

Spring Break
Mar. 14 - 21:        M-F:  8am - 5pm
Sun., Mar. 22:               5pm -  9pm
Mon., Mar. 23:   Resume Reg. Hrs

Easter Sunday, April 5:     CLOSED

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Computer Care Tips: Dos and Don’ts

  • DO back up files stored on your USB or other portable storage device to your computer’s hard drive. Also remember to store your portable devices in a safe place.
  • DON ’T just assume that USB and other portable storage devices will keep your important files safe and protected.
  • DO shut down your computer properly by clicking on Start and Shut Down (Turn Off) (for Windows) or Open Apple and Shut Down (for Macintosh).
  • DON’T just press the switch on the power strip to turn it off.
  • DO store your software/product license keys in a safe place.
  • DON’T lose them. In some cases you cannot be issued another key.
  • DO be aware that scammers may contact you by telephone and attempt to trick you into giving them access to your computer or personal information.   If you receive a suspicious call, simply hang up!
  • DON ’T install software, give remote access to your computer, or provide your username, password, credit card number or other personal information to anyone who contacts you to help fix a virus or other problem on your computer, even if they claim to be from a legitimate company.
  • DO take your laptop/tablet computer with you when leaving your car.
  • DON ’T leave your laptop/tablet in direct sunlight or expose it to extreme temperatures. Break-ins to your car are also more likely to occur if your laptop/tablet is left in plain sight.
  • DO remember to charge your laptop/tablet before leaving home to ensure maximum battery usage during the day.
  • DON ’T stretch power cords or cables across hallways or walking areas where someone can trip or step on them, causing damage to your equipment or injury to others.
  • DO carry your laptop/tablet computer securely, preferably in a protective case.
  • DON ’T pick up or carry your laptop/tablet computer by the screen (even if it’s just across the room or to the next table).
  • DO carefully open your tablet screen and rotate to change to writing mode.
  • DON ’T try to rotate the screen all the way around. Tablet screens do not rotate 360 degrees.
  • DO be selective about where you leave your computer or device. When loading a backpack, make sure heavy objects will not be on top of your computer.
  • DON ’T leave your laptop/tablet on chairs, floors, or other locations where someone may sit or walk. Don’t place your laptop under heavy books or other objects in a backpack.
  • DO use a covered drinking cup and be especially careful when eating or drinking near your computer.
  • DON ’T spill food or drink onto your laptop, keyboard, mouse, or any electrical device.
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