Lotus Notes Archiving Instructions

As a regular practice, it is recommended that you remove unnecessary messages from your Lotus Notes account. Instructions are available in the Clearing Space in Lotus Notes document. If you still find it necessary to keep old messages and don't have sufficient space in your account, another option is to archive them.

"Archiving" removes messages from the Lotus Notes (LN) mail server and creates an archive database on your local machine. This clears space in your account, but preserves the original format of the messages and allows you to easily access them from inside your LN Client. Because archived messages are stored on your local machine, they will not be available from another location. A good suggestion is to archive older and larger items that you won't need to access frequently.

Archive Criteria can be set up in many ways. These steps are written using our suggested method of placing messages you wish to archive in a specified folder, and then archiving messages in that folder on a regular schedule.

To Setup and Schedule Archiving in Lotus Notes:

  1. Open the Lotus Notes Client and go to your Inbox.
  2. Create a folder and move all of the messages you wish to archive into the new folder.
  3. Click on Actions, and choose Archive, and then Create Criteria.
  4. In the Descriptive name of these archive criteria field, type the name of your specified folder (or you can use any name to describe the archive activity you are creating). 
  5. Check the box next to Enable this Criteria. 
  6. Click the Selection Criteria... button. 
  7. Use the options below All documents to choose your preferred time line.
    *We suggest using Older Than 1 Month, so that any messages you have put in your specified folder within the past month will remain in your primary account.
  8. Click to select the button next to Only in these views or folders
  9. Click to select your specified folder (the folder you wish to archive).
  10. Click OK twice, and then Yes to save your Archive Criteria.
  11. Check the Schedule archiving box and adjust the time to run as you would like.
    *This schedule will be applied to all criteria that have been enabled.
  12. Once all of the settings for the scheduling are updated, click OK.

To Run your Archive: (This will perform all enabled archive activities.)

  1. Click Actions, and choose Archive Now.
  2. Click Yes.

Accessing archived messages:

  1. Sign in to your Lotus Notes account.
  2. Open your Inbox.
  3. In the left pane, expand (double-click on Archive or single-click the '+' sign) the Archive folder
  4. Click on the folder you wish to access and the Archive tab will open.
  5. Navigate through the folders to access your archived messages.

For additional assistance with archiving, contact the CTC HelpDesk or contact Mark Griffin (mgriffin@fhsu.edu).

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