Accessing Lotus Notes on your Mobile Device

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  • These are basic settings to help you set up your Lotus Notes on a mobile device other than a iPhone / iPod Touch, Android, or Windows Mobile Device. You can use these settings to set up your Lotus Notes e-mail account in the default mail program on your device.  For further assistance, contact the manufacturer of your mobile device or contact the CTC HelpDesk.
  • To access Lotus Notes using a laptop, see our Accessing Lotus Notes from Off Campus using iNotes page.
  • If your service provider is Nex-Tech, you must turn on your Wi-Fi (wireless) service before using these instructions.

I need to install Lotus Notes on my Android!

I need to install Lotus Notes on my iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch!

I need to install Lotus Notes on my Windows Mobile Device!

For assistance setting up Lotus Notes in an e-mail client program, use the settings below.

Lotus Notes E-Mail Settings:

    E-Mail Address: 
    YourLotusNotesUsername (ex:

    Incoming Mail Settings:

    Incoming mail server:

    Account Type:  IMAP(4)

    Port Number:  993

    Security Type:  SSL (always) or check box to Use Secure Connection

    Username:  YourLotusNotesUsername

    Password:  YourLotusNotesInternetPassword (iNotes)

    Outgoing Mail Settings:

    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

    Port Number:  465

    Security Type:  SSL (always) 

    Username:  YourLotusNotesUsername

    Password:  YourLotusNotesInternetPassword (iNotes)

NOTE: These settings are not specific for any one mobile device.  For additional assistance, contact the CTC HelpDesk.


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