Changing Your Lotus Notes Passwords

Important Information About Your Lotus Notes (LN) Passwords

  • Passwords are case sensitive and should have at least seven characters. You may use letters, numbers, or a combination of letters and numbers. Try not to use a password that is easily guessed. Be sure to change your password anytime you feel that it has been compromised.
  • Suggestions for how to choose a secure password are available at:
  • When establishing a new password, never use "lotusnotes," your LN or TigerTracks username, any part of your SSN, or anything that would be easily guessed, such as your birthday or phone number.
  • Your LN Client password is specific to the file stored on your computer. Therefore, if you use the LN Client on more than one computer, your LN Client password must be changed separately on each computer.
  • Your LN Internet password may be changed through the Internet or by using your LN Client. The new Internet password is effective for access from any computer.
  • The LN Client password is secure; it never goes out over the network.
  • It is also recommended that you change your LN Internet password whenever you change your LN Client password. This should be done right away.

Changing Your LN Client Password (For LN Client Users Only)

The LN Client password allows access by using the file that is stored on your computer. Therefore, if this password is changed on one computer, the change will not be effective on another computer. Your LN Client password must be changed separately on each computer on which you use the LN Client.

  1. Open your Lotus Notes Client.
  2. Choose File, then Security, and User Security.
  3. Enter your current LN Client password and then click OK or Log In.
  4. Click Change Password.
  5. Enter your old password and click OK or Log In.
  6. The Change Password dialog box appears.
  7. Enter your new password.
  8. Enter your new password again and click OK.
  9. You will receive a notification prompt that your password change succeeded. Click OK.
  10. LN will accept the new password and return to the User Security dialog box.
  11. Click OK or Close to exit the User Security dialog box.

Changing Your LN Internet Password

We recommend changing your LN Internet password each time you change your LN Client password, just for the sake of convenience. It will be easier to remember the passwords if you keep both passwords the same. However, they may be different if you so choose. These instructions explain how to change the password that is used to access your e-mail through an Internet browser (using iNotes) or another e-mail program (such as Outlook or Thunderbird).

Using the LN Client to Change Your LN Internet Password:

  1. Open your Lotus Notes Client. If you do not have access to the LN Client, follow the steps in the next section to use iNotes to change your LN Internet password through an Internet browser.
  2. Open the FHSU Address Book on NotesHub.
  3. Search for your name or use the scroll bar to find your name.
  4. Click to select your name and then click Edit Person.
  5. Under the Basics tab, go to Internet password. If you have not established an Internet password, this field will be blank. If there is data shown, highlight the data (it is an encrypted version of your current password) and type in your new password to replace it.
  6. Click Save and Close. LN will automatically encrypt your password and exit the editing window.

Using iNotes to Change Your LN Internet Password (through an Internet Browser):

  1. Establish an active Internet connection.
  2. Open an Internet browser and go to the FHSU home page (
  3. Click on Faculty & Staff, and then click on Lotus Notes.
  4. Log in using your Username and your current LN Internet Password.
  5. Click on Preferences. Next, select Security. Click Change.
  6. Enter your current password. Enter your new password. Enter it again to verify, and then click OK.
  7. You will receive a message indicating that your password change has been successfully submitted. Click OK twice to confirm the change and exit the Preferences dialog window. Please allow at few minutes for the change to process; it may take up to ten minutes for replication to occur before your new password can be used to to access LN applications other than your e-mail and calendar via an Internet browser.
  8. To protect the privacy of your password, log out when finished and close your Internet browser.


Write down your passwords and keep them in a secure (locked) place. We CANNOT look up your Lotus Notes passwords – they are encrypted. If you forget your LN Client password, the only way to regain access to your LN files via the Client is to obtain your original LN Client file and use your original password. This will only allow you to access your files using LN Client software.

If you ever forget your LN Client password, you will need to contact CTC Network Services to obtain your original file. A copy has been kept in a secure location by the CTC. However, if for some reason your original file is lost or damaged, you will NEVER be able to recover your LN files!! SO... we strongly suggest to never forget your password!

If you ever forget your LN Internet password, in order to be able to access your LN files or e-mail through the Internet, you will need to use the LN Client to reset the LN Internet password. If you do not have access to the LN Client, you will need to contact the CTC HelpDesk to have your LN Internet password reset - it also cannot be looked up.

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