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FHSU Mail Settings for your Mobile Device

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PLEASE NOTE:  These are basic settings to help you access your FHSU Mail student e-mail account on a mobile device.  You can use these settings to set up your FHSU Mail account in the default mail program on your device.  Before using these instructions, your FHSU TigerTracks login must be activated.

For more information about your TigerTracks login or your FHSU e-mail account, view TigerTracks Information and Learn to Use FHSU Mail.  For further assistance, contact the manufacturer of your mobile device or contact the CTC HelpDesk.

FHSU E-Mail Settings:

    These settings are used to configure a third-party e-mail program (such as Outlook or Thunderbird). 

    E-mail Address: (ex:

    Incoming Mail Server:

    Account Type:  IMAP(4) or IMAPs

    Port Number:  993

    Security Type:  "SSL (always)" or check the box to "Use Secure Connection"
        NOTE:  If SSL is not available or does not work, use "Auto"


    Password:  YourTigerTracksPassword 

    Outgoing Mail Server:

    Port Number: 465

    Security Type:  "SSL (always)" or check the box to "Use Secure Connection"
        NOTE:  If SSL is not available or does not work, use "Auto"  

Optional Steps (if you are unable to access your FHSU e-mail after entering the settings listed above):

  • Review all settings entered to make sure they did not change. Some devices may modify settings after they have been entered (especially the E-mail Address setting).
  • Check with your service provider to see if the operating system on your device needs to be updated.

*Many HTTP e-mail providers now allow their customers to authenticate using their existing e-mail client and user credentials  to send e-mail messages when connecting from a mobile phone/device.  User credentials may be required.

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