Scope of Service Statement

The CTC HelpDesk provides assistance with accessing and using Fort Hays State University systems and support for procedures distributed by our office. We are unable to provide repair services for personal computer hardware or peripherals or support for non-FHSU-related systems, software, or procedures not distributed by our office. In addition, extensive virus cleaning services are not provided by the University, as it is the user’s responsibility to maintain a virus-free computer (off-campus technical assistance information is available).

We are able to provide general software usage assistance, but we will not answer questions or explain tasks assigned by an instructor as coursework.

For liability, privacy, and security reasons, the CTC HelpDesk is not authorized to provide assistance using a computer, portable device, or other hardware or peripheral, except in the presence of the owner. In addition, the HelpDesk will not retain a computer or device in order to perform work at a later time.

Assistance will not be provided in any situation where disrespectful or abusive language or behavior is used.

Support Retirement Statement

Microsoft and Apple have officially retired public and technical support, including security updates for certain operating systems. The HelpDesk will continue to offer basic support for University systems, but will be unable to assist with problems requiring installation/reinstallation of programs or configuration instructions specific to any retired or unsupported operating systems. For more information, please read the FHSU Support Retirement Statement.

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