Computer Lab Login Information

Students at Fort Hays State University must activate and use a TigerTracks login to access computer labs on campus.  For account activation and login assistance, see TigerTracks Information.

A special "activate" login can be used to gain access to a lab computer for those who have not yet activated their TigerTracks logins. To use the "activate" login, log on to a lab computer using activate as the user name, activate as the password, and labs as the domain. After entering this login, open an internet browser. The user will then be provided with a link to the TigerTracks registration page.

To verify whether the correct username and password are being used, the student should log in to the TigerTracks portal at

For the lab login to work, IMAP must be enabled in your FHSU Mail account.  See this link for instructions

If IMAP is enabled, and you are still unable to log in to a lab computer, the student should use the password recovery feature located at to reset the password. After setting the password, please allow sufficient processing time for the password to synchronize (up to 32 minutes).

If further assistance is required, have the student bring a photo ID to the CTC HelpDesk (Tomanek Hall, Room 113) for assistance.

For a list of computer lab locations, a description of who may use each lab, general rules, and lab supervisor contact information, see the Campus Computer Labs Information page.


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