VPN Installation Instructions for Windows XP

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Note:  You must have FHSU Domain credentials (network username and password) to download and use VPN software.

  1. Open an Internet browser and visit:  https://secure.fhsu.edu/download/vpn
  2. When prompted, enter your FHSU Domain credentials (the network username and password used to log onto your workstation). Click OK.
  3. Select fhsu-vpn-xp.exe from the list and save it to a location you'll remember.
  4. Locate fhsu-vpn-xp.exe and open it by double-clicking the icon.
  5. Click Yes when you are asked if you wish to install FHSU VPN.
  6. When prompted for a PIN, enter:   fhsu    (please use all lower case)
  7. Select My Use Only and Add a Shortcut on the Desktop, and click OK.
  8. When installation is complete, you will see the VPN connection window.  Enter your FHSU Domain credentials (the username and password you entered in step 2) and click Connect.
  9. Upon successful connection, you'll see a new dual-monitor icon in your taskbar that will occasionally blink blue.
  10. When you're finished using the VPN connection, right-click the dual-monitor icon in your taskbar, and select Disconnect.

To connect to FHSU's VPN (Virtual Private Network):

  1. Obtain an active Internet connection.
  2. Whenever you wish to use the Lotus Notes Client program, CICS, or your shared folders on an FHSU server from an off-campus location, you must connect to FHSU’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) first.
  3. Double-click the Shortcut to FHSU VPN icon located on your desktop.
      If the shortcut is not available, you can double-click on FHSU VPN from the Network Connections window, located in the Control Panel.
  4. Enter your FHSU Domain credentials and then click Connect.
  5. When you’re done, right-click the dual-monitor icon in your taskbar, select Disconnect From, then FHSU VPN.

Note:  Your VPN connection will automatically time out after 10 minutes of inactivity.  Additionally, you cannot save your password for automatic connection.  These are security measures and cannot be changed.

If you have problems…

Review these procedures and check to make sure you have followed all steps as Instructed. If you need further assistance,contact the CTC HelpDesk.

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