TigerNet On-Campus Wireless Locations

Fort Hays State University has a robust wireless network that supports mobile teaching and learning activities across campus. Using this network, students can access the internet and view their e-mail, grades, financial information, the on-line course delivery system, and other FHSU online services.

Wireless Internet access on the FHSU campus is currently available in the following buildings, using the following connection standards:

802.11 ac (dual band up to 1.3 Gbps*)

Agnew Hall (AG)
Albertson Hall (AH)
Brooks Building (BR) (Conference Room)
Center for Media Studies (MS)
Cunningham Hall (CH)
Custer Hall (CT)
Davis Hall (DH)
Forsyth Library (FL)
Gross Memorial Coliseum (GC)
Heather Hall (HH) (residential)
Lewis Field Stadium Buildings (ST) (office building and pressbox)
Malloy Hall (MH)
Martin Allen Hall (MA)
McCartney Hall (MC)
McMindes Hall (MM)
Memorial Union (UN)
Picken Hall (PH)
Rarick Hall (RH)
Robbins Center (RC)
Sheridan Hall (SH)
Stadium Place (SP)
Stroup Hall (STH)
Tomanek Hall (TH)
Wiest Hall (WT)
Witt Building (WI)
Wooster Place (WOOS) 

*maximum theoretical throughput in perfect conditions.

Wireless Card Recommendations

Best:   802.11 ac
Good:  802.11 a/b/g/n (dual-band)
Avoid:  802.11 b/g/n (2.4 ghz only) 

If you are considering the purchase of a computer, see our Computer Purchase Resources page for additional information.  We suggest visiting with your advisor, instructors, or academic department to inquire about any specific hardware or software recommendations that may apply to your courses or area of study.

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