TigerNetFacultyStaff Wireless Configuration Instructions for Windows Vista / 7 / 8

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Students should not use these instructions; they should choose the TigerNetStudent network and connect using their TigerTracks login.

Faculty and staff should follow the setup instructions below, and then use their FHSU network login to connect. If your network login does not allow access, you should submit a CTC Request for Services to the Network and Servers section to request wireless access.

Please note that wireless setup instructions can vary depending on the type of wireless card installed in your system. These steps will work for many types of cards installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems, but they may not match your setup. If these instructions do not work for you, or if you need assistance after attempting to configure your wireless connection, please contact the CTC HelpDesk for assistance.

Configuration Procedures:

In order to properly configure your connection, it is necessary to be in a location where a TigerNetFacultyStaff signal is detected.

  1. Click on the Wireless Network icon to view available networks.
  2. Click Connect to a Network.
  3. Select the TigerNetFacultyStaff network and click Connect.
  4. Click Enter/select additional log on information.
  5. Type in your FHSU network username and password (if prompted) and select OK.
  6. When prompted to validate the certificate, click OK.
  7. After you are connected to TigerNetFacultyStaff, place a checkmark in the box next to Save this network.
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