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Using the Course Search in TigerEnroll
Understanding the Enrolled Status Code
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*Additional Frequently Asked Questions are available on the TigerEnroll Welcome screen (the first window that appears after you log in to TigerEnroll).

 Using the Course Search in TigerEnroll

After logging in to TigerEnroll (located in TigerTracks under the Online Services tab), the first step of the enrollment process is to use the Course Search feature to add courses to your Worksheet.

During enrollment time each semester, a common question answered by the HelpDesk is, “How can I find this course?” Sometimes students already know the specific course name and number, but cannot get the course to appear in the search. After a brief analysis of the problem; the solution is almost always the same: generalize your search.

When entering your search criteria, it is best to fill in as few fields as possible. All of the criteria entered must find an exact match before a course will appear in the resulting list. We suggest first choosing only the Department, and expanding the Results Per Page to 50 or 100 (located next to the Submit button) so you have fewer pages to browse through to find your class. Click Submit. This will list all courses the selected Department has to offer, sorted by Course Number. To add a Course to your Worksheet, simply scroll down, check the box next to the desired course, and then click the Add Courses to Schedule Worksheet button (located at the bottom of the window).

If you wish to narrow your search further by entering additional criteria, we suggest entering only one additional item at a time (for example, Course Number or Status=Open). Note: When entering a Course Number, enter the numeric portion ONLY – leaving OFF any alphabetic characters (the characters are the Section Code).

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Understanding the Enrolled Status Code

When students enroll for classes, the CTC HelpDesk often receives questions about the Enrolled Status Code. For clarification, here are the possible status codes a student may encounter in TigerEnroll:

    PRE = Pre-Enrolled
    PRE-AD = Pre-Enrolled, Add Pending (waiting on Advisor Approval)
    PRE-REM = Pre-Enrolled, Removal Pending (waiting on Advisor Approval)
    EN = Enrolled (indicates payment has been received)*
    DR = Dropped (course dropped before Transcript Record begins; will not appear on transcript)*
    WD = Withdrawn (course dropped after Transcript Record begins; will appear on transcript)*
    AD = Added
    TC = Moved to Transcript

*For answers to questions regarding payment information, please contact Student Fiscal Services. To view the date that Transcript Record begins for a particular semester, see the FHSU Academic Calendar.

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Finding TigerEnroll Help and Training Resources

PDF documents listed below may be viewed using Adobe Reader.  Download Adobe Reader (Free)

Most of the information you need to know about TigerEnroll can be found online very easily. Here are a few helpful links to view if you would like further assistance:

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