TigerTracks Elections Online Voting Information

The TigerTracks Elections application is a portal channel available within the TigerTracks portal. Portal content such as Announcements, Webmail, Atomic Learning, Local Weather and the Elections application are often referred to as "channels". TigerTracks Elections offers the ability to conduct convenient, secure and anonymous voting for University initiatives in an online environment.

To access the TigerTracks Elections application, you will need to add the Elections channel within the TigerTracks portal.

To add the Elections channel to your portal layout:

  1. Login to the TigerTracks portal at tigertracks.fhsu.edu.
  2. Select the Preferences link in the upper right hand corner of TigerTracks (next to Logout).
  3. In the User Preferences window, ensure that the Home tab is selected.
  4. On the Home tab, select the New Channel button.
  5. Under "Select a category to browse," expand the drop-down menu.
  6. Select Applications and click the go button.
  7. Select Elections from the Applications channels list and click Add.
  8. Return to the portal by clicking the round "Return to Portal" button in the upper left corner.

Once you have added the Elections channel, you may access the Elections application from your TigerTracks portal home page. In-Progress Elections are shown within the channel. If no elections are currently available, a message will be displayed.

For additional TigerTracks Elections information or assistance, contact us.

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