Course Removal

The processes to remove old Blackboard courses from the system begins August 1st every year. The CTC will remove the Blackboard semester course shells over 1 year in age from the Blackboard system. Department and organization shells will not be affected.

This year's process is scheduled to run according to the following schedule:

Removal Start Date: August 1st, 2013
Shell to Be Removed: Courses Taught before June 2013

The Best Practice Recommendations for Instructors:

  • We recommend that you request a Master shell for your old Blackboard courses if you wish to use the content for the future semester courses. A Master shell will permanently remain on the Blackboard system. It is a storage shell in which you can use it to upload your course materials, and then copy that content out to populate the upcoming Semester shell. 

    Request a Master shell by filling out this form.
  • We also recommend that you maintain an archive of your old Blackboard courses if you wish to have access to them in the future. The Archive Course function enables you to make a complete record of a course, including all of the user information. This is useful if there is ever a need to recreate a course exactly as it was.

    Get an instruction guide for archiving a course.

If you have any questions about course removal, feel free to contact CTELT at 785-628-4194 or