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Course Removal

The processes to remove old Blackboard courses from the system begins August 1st every year. CTELT and CTC will remove the Blackboard semester course shells over 1 year in age from the Blackboard system. Department and organization shells will not be affected.

This year's process is scheduled to run according to the following schedule:

Removal Start Date: July 31st, 2015
Shell to Be Removed: Courses Taught before August 2014 (i.e: before Fall 2014 Semester)

The Best Practice Recommendations for Instructors:

  • We recommend that you request a Master shell for your old Blackboard courses if you wish to use the content for the future semester courses. A Master shell will permanently remain on the Blackboard system. It is a storage shell in which you can use it to upload your course materials, and then copy that content out to populate the upcoming Semester shell. 

    Request a Master shell by filling out this form.

If you have any questions about course removal, feel free to contact CTELT at 785-628-4194 or bbsupport@fhsu.edu


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