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Highlights of Enhancements on Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 11 (Last Updated: 9/12/2103)

New User Interface
The new interface changes which are more in-line with today’s Web 2.0 experience. Most apparent, will be the missing editing icons that allow users to drag-and-drop, access, make changes and add content to their course. These functionalities, of course, will remain but will be replaced by rollover editing, meaning that editing icons are visible only when your mouse cursor hovers over certain areas. The result will be a cleaner, less cluttered, and contemporary interface.

New Calendar Layout

Retention Center

Item Test Analysis

Inline Grading

New Text Editor

Video Everywhere

New Discussion Board updates

Course-to-Course Navigation

When in a course, you will no longer need to navigate to Blackboard's main landing page to access your other courses. You will now be able to move from course to course from within a course by clicking the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the page. Additionally, you will be able to specify where you would like to go in the other course. For example, if you are in one course’s Grade Center, you can jump to the next course’s Grade Center easily to complete your grading tasks.

Automated Regrading

This new capability provides instructors with an intuitive means of setting time limits on assessments and configuring the system to auto-submit the assessment at time expiration. Instructors may now choose to make the timed assessment auto-submit, or to allow the assessment to continue beyond the allotted time as in previous releases of the Blackboard Learn platform. Students are provided with visual cues to track their progress when taking and submitting timed assessments set to auto-submit. Attempt information for timed assessments includes details on how much time the student spent on the attempt versus how much time was allotted.

Brochure (PDF)

For detailed tutorials on these items and more, visit our Blackboard Tutorials for Faculty page or Blackboard on Demand Learning Center.

Please remember that you can always submit your own product enhancements or suggestions to Blackboard via Blackboard Product Suggestion Box.

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