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  Course Development FAQ  

What types of programs and courses are offered through the Virtual College?

What course development options are available?

Why do we need instructional design?

How can the instructional designer assist with course development?

What can CTELT staff provide in course development?

Does my course development have to go through the Quality Assurance reviews?

How do I get started?

Where do I find the process for developing a course and the required forms?

Where do I find the forms to request course development (Document 1 and 2)?

Can I develop or redevelop a course without using the services of CTELT?

Can I offer a distance education course that I developed from another institution (Pathway III)?

When can I begin my course development?

When should a course be redeveloped?

What are the timelines for developing a distance education course?

What if I miss the course development deadline date?

Do I receive payment for developing or redeveloping a course?

When will I receive payment for completing a developed or redeveloped course?

Would I get paid if I have one of my current classes go through a Department and CTELT review (Pathway III)?

Can I get a Blackboard shell to build content before the course development process begins?

What's the importance of using the Master Template shell to develop a course?

How can I get help with Blackboard?

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