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I. Course Development

Courses offered online by FHSU are developed through a process approved by the Provost and implemented by the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning Technologies (CTELT). Three types of course developments may be initiated. A new course that has never been taught online is a Pathway I project, the most extensive development activity. Pathway II processes are for courses that have been offered online in earlier semesters but require significant revisions to accommodate new content (such as the adoption of a new text) and/or new teaching strategies and assessment activities beyond the normal "tweaks" to keep a course up-to-date. Finally, Pathway III is used to provide quality assurance evaluations for courses that may have been developed outside of the typical FHSU processes (for example, a course that was initially created at another institution). Each Pathway has its own timeline and contract restrictions.

A course may not be offered online until all of the quality assurance procedures have been successfully completed by CTELT and the home department verifying that it meets established standards for content and design. This stipulation is a part of the University's Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) in partnership with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Evaluative criteria for courses are based on best practices for teaching and learning that have been validated across multiple disciplines, instructional environments, and age groups.

Course development contracts specify the task and deliverable (course), intellectual property considerations, deadlines, compensation, and related issues. We strongly urge course developers to review the contract prior to signing. Developers will receive a copy of the contract after all parties have signed.

While course developers may choose to begin organizing course content and researching possible instructional strategies for implementation, no online development is to be undertaken prior to the issuance and signing of a development contract. This is to ensure that best practices for instructional design are followed from the beginning of the project and that the allotted time available for development is used efficiently.

Adjunct faculty members may develop (or re-develop) online courses only in conjunction with a full-time FHSU faculty member. The Provost and/or Senior Director of CTELT may limit the number of course development activities undertaken at one time by an individual, as well as the number of development projects in a calendar year.

Proposed courses will be scheduled for development at the discretion of the Senior Director of CTELT, taking into consideration such factors as current and anticipated work load for instructional design staff, production requirements, degree program priorities, and financial constraints. The Provost may grant exceptions to these decisions as he or she deems appropriate.

Faculty, Department Chairs, Deans, or other interested individuals may check the progress/status of a course in development at In-Process Course Developments. This form is updated on a regular basis to reflect progress of all courses that have been contracted for development. Courses not yet in the development process will not be listed; questions regarding the status of these proposed courses can be directed to CTELT at 785-628-4194 or by e-mail at CTELT@fhsu.edu.

For a Pathway I or II project, one-half of the contract amount will be paid when the Course Developer and Instructional Designer agree that the course is ready for Quality Assurance reviews. The balance will be paid after reviews (and any necessary revisions) have been completed. Pathway III projects (Quality Assurance reviews of existing courses) will be paid in one lump sum after reviews and necessary revisions have been completed.

II. Book Adoptions

Ordering the textbooks for your class is made easy at the University Bookstore. Simply go to http://www.fhsu.bkstr.com and follow the steps below:

1. Choose the "Faculty Services" tab

2. Choose "Online Textbook Adoptions"

3. Fill out the page to log on. If you have not logged on before, you will be prompted to register. You must register to continue.

4. Fill out the form with the appropriate course and textbook information.

5. You will see an order confirmation, which means the bookstore has received your order and will begin processing it.

III. Media

CTELT handles any media needed for courses that are developed for the Virtual College. We can provide audio/video production and duplication of mini-lectures on DVD. Visit the Media Production area of our website to learn more about the audio, video, photography, and graphics services we provide.

IV. New Faculty

The Computing and Telecommunications Center (CTC) recommends that the Academic Department Secretary submit a CTC Request for Services to request Blackboard, CICS, and Lotus Notes access for new faculty members.

V. Tech Support

Tech support for faculty is available through the CTC Helpdesk at at http://www.fhsu.edu/ctc/helpdesk/ or at 785-628-5276 or through CTELT by calling 785-628-4194. Information regarding instructional technology is available on the CTELT Website. For concerns specific to Bb, faculty may send these questions to BbSupport@fhsu.edu.


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