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Online Course Evaluations – Testimonials

Student evaluations DO make a difference!  Quality faculty are anxious to receive feedback and to continuously improve what they do in the classroom.  Administrators, tenure and promotion committees at Fort Hays State consider student evaluations carefully in making personnel decisions.  I strongly encourage students to provide input so that we can continuously improve your education and that of the students who follow you.
Dr. Mark Bannister
Dean of College of Business and Leadership

Each December and May, once final grades have been submitted, I anxiously wait for the student evaluations to become available for review. It's a perfect opportunity to reflect upon the previous semester to compare my thoughts with those of the students on the quality of my instruction. While I enjoy the positive compliments, it's the critical comments I pay more attention to; it's these comments that motivate me to re-evaluate what I am doing, why I am doing it, and whether or not I will change anything before the next semester begins. As a result, I find myself happily making minor adjustments twice a year. 
Dr. Robert Moody
Assistant Professor, Advanced Education Programs 

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