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iTunes U

Fort Hays State University iTunes U is a service that enables faculty to deliver pre-recorded audio/video course content online. These audio and video files can help students catch up or review course materials. All of the content available will require the iTunes software to view and download materials.

  • Your students can easily download iTunes U content to any Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod or iPad and go right on learning while they grab a meal, walk to class, or work out at the gym.
  • iTunes U is a password-protected site and only your enrolled students have access to the content. iTunes U is not part of the iTunes public site.

How Do I Access FHSU iTunes U?

  • Under Quick Links on the FHSU home page, click on iTunes U.
  • Click on Take me to Courses on FHSU on iTunes U. Take me to FHSU on iTunes U will connect to the FHSU General Information page.
  • Log in using your TigerTracks username and password. Your username and password is the same as your Blackboard login.
  • The FHSU’s iTunes U screen will appear. Note that it may take a few minutes to load. If you do not have iTunes downloaded on your computer, a window will appear instructing you to download iTunes.
  • On the FHSU iTunes U page click on the icon Courses. All FHSU courses using iTunes in which you created or a student is enrolled in will appear.
  • To download the content click on the icon Get to the right of the screen. The content will begin downloading.
  • When the content is finished downloading, double-click on the title of the download under the Name tab to play.


How Do I Access FHSU iTunes U?

Faculty may add material relating to their course instruction, and students may add material if it is an assignment as part of their class.

  • You would need first to create a course shell to upload your content.
  • To request a course shell, complete an iTunes U Request form and submit it to cteltinfo@fhsu.edu.
  • To have your students “enrolled” into the iTunes shell, complete the Batch Enrollment form and submit to cteltinfo@fhsu.edu. Please allow 1-2 days to activate your request. Please allow 1-2 days to activate your request. If you need help in creating or uploading your content, contact the Coordinator of Media Production, Andy Tincknell at 785-628-4492 or atinckne@fhsu.edu.

Technical Issues

If you need assistance in accessing your material or have technical issues, contact Kevin Staab at 785-628-4452 or kstaab@fhsu.edu.

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Your duplication or transfer requests are normally completed within three working days. To duplicate or transfer any copyrighted materials you must have prior approval from the copyright holder.

Jennifer Sauer, Electronic Resources/Serial Librarian, Forsyth Library, 785-628-5262 or jsauer@fhsu.edu provides information to help faculty obtain copyright clearance.

Faculty are expected to utilize this information in obtaining copyright permission. For assistance in your duplication or transfer needs contact Kevin Staab at 785-628-4452 or kstaab@fhsu.edu.


Do you need multiple copies of a CD-ROM or DVD for your class? If so, our Media Duplication service has the equipment and expertise to meet your needs. We can also transfer the following formats to a DVD or CD-ROM for instructional or non-instructional purposes. For pricing information see Services and Prices (PDF).

    • 8mm
    • Hi-8mm
    • sdDigital 8mm
    • VHS
    • Mini Dv
    • DvCam

Off-Air Recording

Is there a television program airing over the cable system that you think would be of interest to show in your classroom? We can record programs onto a DVD for educational purposes.

  • All recordings must comply with copyright legislation. FHSU will follow the Federal copyright law in Title 17, United States Code in recording of copyrighted broadcast television programs. Note: Copyright law requires that the DVD must be destroyed 45 days from the date aired.
  • When possible, notify us at least 48 hours in advance for scheduling.
  • Please allow 24 hours after the program airs to edit and duplicate the DVD.

Contact Kevin Staab at 785-628-4452 or kstaab@fhsu.edu to schedule your off-air recording.

Video Conferencing

We can assist with your videoconferencing needs using Adobe Connect, WebEx, or Polycom/IPTV for real-time, two-way video connections with guest lecturers, prospective students, or potential faculty hires. Videoconferencing can also be a dynamic addition to an online course that provides groups of students the chance to share their ideas in a robust, “face-to-face” environment that enables screen sharing, group document annotation, and much more. Call us to get started!

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