Disability Student Services
Accommodations Available at FHSU

Once you’re registered with the office, you may be provided “reasonable accommodations.” Reasonable accommodations are accommodations you receive that will "level the playing field" to provide you access to class handouts, materials, and tests making the class accessible to you as it is to other students.  Accommodations for you will be determined by talking with a disability services staff member about your classes and how to best make them accessible. You may not require accommodations in every class and you will not receive every available accommodation.  We encourage you to contact the DSS Office if you have questions at any time about your accommodations.

Accommodations available include, but are not limited to: 

Letters to faculty
Enrollment and registration assistance
Note takers
Lab assistants
Campus orientation
Library/Research aides
Enlarged print for exams and handouts
Assistance with scheduling regarding classroom accessibility
Assistance/advocacy regarding campus accessibility issues
Request to tape record lectures
Extended time for exams and in-class writing assignments
Use of word processor to complete written assignments
Oral exams
Scribes for exams
Quiet, separate testing environment
Individual conferences with faculty
Sign language interpreters for academic related functions
Suggestions to faculty on working with students

And remember, when you work with DSS you do not need to worry about others finding out.  Our services are confidential.