Online Executive CFP® Certification Education Program


The Online Executive CFP® Certification Education Program  is an online, self-paced education program, designed to fulfill the education requirement to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination. This program is not offered for college credit, but is designed to be completed in nine months and consists of six modules including:

  • Fundamentals of Financial Planning and Insurance
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning 
  • Financial Plan Presentation

Students complete the program at their own pace via highly interactive content, including video introductions for each module, instructor whiteboard examples and lectures, interactive games, exercises, homework and exams. This program is appropriate for anyone who cannot attend a regularly scheduled class or is a disciplined, self-study student. The content is designed to be delivered on a variable basis so that students with an expertise in a particular area may review the material at a high level or students that are unfamiliar with a topic can drill down into more detail. Students can spend more or less time on a subject depending on their education and experience. Access to the program is granted for nine months, with a one-time complimentary extension. Further extensions may be purchased.

Students can customize their educational experience by supplementing their program with additional study aids such as:

  • Live Online End of Course Reviews - a live online instructor-led review of the most important concepts in the course, prior to your final exam.
  • Textbook Bundle - receive required textbooks automatically.
  • The Dalton Review for the CFP® Certification Examination  - the premier CFP® review course in the country.

This program is offered in partnership with Dalton Education , the leading provider of CFP® Certification Education programs in the country. For more information and to enroll in the program, please visit .


Financial Plan Presentation Course - Challenge Candidates

Effective November 18, 2011, challenge candidates that did not previously sit for the CFP® Certification Examination will be required to complete the Financial Plan Presentation course in order to sit for the March 2012 exam, or later. If a challenge candidate registered for the November 2011 CFP® exam as a "challenge candidate," but did not pass the November exam, they are not required to complete the Financial Plan Presentation course to take the exam in March 2012 or later.

Fort Hays State University, partnered with Dalton Education, will offer this course consisting of online, self-paced study combined with live online instruction. Students will learn how to prepare and present a financial plan using financial planning software and multiple approaches to identify and plan for a client's goals and risks. The cost for the course is $825 and includes the Cases in Financial Planning textbook. Register now by calling 877-426-2373 or online here.


















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