Department of Economics, Finance, & Accounting

Interested in the business world? Are you good with figures? Do you enjoy managing your own money? The Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting is waiting for you! Our department strives to offer:

  • Personal advising and mentoring by faculty and staff who are interested in your personal success
  • In-depth, challenging classes that give you a top-notch education
  • Unique hands-on opportunities that will get you one step ahead in the job market

The department offers degrees in accounting, finance, and international business and economics. Careers in these areas are in high-demand in both the public and private sectors. To learn more about our degrees, visit our main academic program pages:

In addition, visit our Student Resources  portal to gain access to a wealth of information about our student organizations, activities, scholarships, internships, and more!

We invite you to explore our Web site, and please contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hear From Our Graduates


Seth Albin  B.B.A. in Accounting, 2005, and MBA, 2007

cameron_werth"The opportunities available for accounting and finance majors at FHSU are endless. The faculty and staff challenge you to become successful by creating a dynamic learning environment that will allow you to excel and pursue your career goals."

Cameron Werth  B.B.A. in Finance (Financial Planning) and Accounting, 2012

trisha_goetz“The experience and networking opportunities that I have gained through FHSU’s Accounting program have helped me to gather the experience necessary to intern with a major corporation. It has also led me to obtain an MBA through FHSU and work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.”

Trisha Goetz  B.B.A. in Accounting, 2012

addison_dauber“During my time at FHSU I learned more than just what was in the textbooks.  I learned how to communicate with others and work as a team, which is essential when performing bank exams.”

Addison Dauber  B.B.A. in Finance (Banking), 2009

ryan_vavricka"I decided to major in finance at FHSU because of the program's reputation and the career opportunities available to finance majors. The finance program at FHSU has great faculty, several clubs to get involved with, and a reputation second to none."

Ryan Vavricka  B.B.A. in Finance (Financial Planning) and Accounting, 2008

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