Summer MA Information and Course Syllabi for Summer 2014

Students enroll themselves via Tiger Tracks. If you have questions or concerns about enrolling, you may contact the English Department or the Registrar's Office. You must be either a current student or admitted to the graduate program to access enrollment through Tiger Tracks. Please also complete and mail the Declaration of Intent to Enroll form to assist the English Department in tracking your program of study.

Late Arrival
Occasionally, participants whose school systems do not end before summer session begins are not able to be on campus for the first three or four days of classes. You will only be able to take three classes if you must arrive late. Since four-week classes that begin June 2 cannot be enrolled in late, the July classes will be the only courses available to you.

We have made arrangements for you to order your books from the University Bookstore, Memorial Union, FHSU. You will need to specify the books. Books are listed on the course syllabi (links posted below) or you can download a combined list of required books here. The University Bookstore will send the books COD. Some of these books have not yet arrived and may not be available until late February or early March.

Kansas residents pay $200.67 per graduate credit hour. Tuition for fifteen credit hours will be $3010.05.
Contiguous State (CO, MO, NE, or OK) residents pay $284.37 per graduate credit hour. Tuition for fifteen credit hours will be $4265.55.
Out-of-state residents pay $510.02 per graduate credit hour. Tuition for fifteen credit hours will be $7650.30.

Housing Arrangements
A few on-campus apartments are available in Stadium Place (apply as soon as possible; these go quickly). These apartments are equipped with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, washer, and dryer. The apartments are not equipped with television sets. Students are responsible for bedding, cookware, and utensils. A limited number of kitchen utensils may be checked out from the English Department on a first-come, first-served basis. For other details about the Stadium Place apartments, please visit the Stadium Place webpage. When you apply, please specify if you will be here for one month or both, and specify which month if it will just be one. For housing information and application forms, please contact David Bollig, Occupancy Specialist, FHSU, at (785) 628-4245 or You may also apply through Tiger Tracks.

Application Fee
A $35.00 non-refundable application fee is required on degree-seeking applications received. No action will be taken on your application/enrollment until this fee is paid. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Fort Hays State University Graduate School and included with your application.

Financial Aid
Teaching assistantships, graduate fellowships, or outright grants are not available in this program. However, some scholarships are available to Summer MA graduate students; more information and application forms can be found on the English Department's Scholarships page. Also, if need and eligibility can be demonstrated, you may qualify for a Stafford loan. Anyone interested in applying should write or call Mr. Craig Karlin, Director, Student Financial Assistance, FHSU (785) 628-4494.

If you are in the two-year program, you will enroll in five of these courses for credit this summer (four courses for those in the three-year program); unless otherwise stipulated in the syllabi, papers and written projects are not due until the end of fall semester. You will receive an Incomplete in all courses unless you choose to finish the written work during the summer in one or two of them. Courses are scheduled for Monday through Friday; however, classes do not meet on Friday, since that day is used for conferences and research. Course syllabi may be downloaded by clicking on the course titles below; a syllabus for ENG 653 is not yet available, but the course will cover American multicultural literature.

 First Four-Week Session: June 2-June 27


ENG 875 Seminar: Grammar for Writers
8:30-10:45 Yerastov
ENG 695  Comparative Literature: Global Women's Issues
  Lunch Break
ENG 694  Studies in Folklore and Mythology: World Mythology   2:00-4:15

Second Four-Week Session: June 30-July 25

ENG 826  Approaches to Literature (Required Course for All MA Students)
8:30-10:45 Leuschner
ENG 602   Topics in Writing: Community-Based Writing
  Lunch Break
ENG 653 Fictions of Diversity: Reading America from the Inside and the Outside 2:00-4:15 Dr. Saskia Hertlein, Visiting Faculty from Germany

Program Notes

  • Approaches to Literature is a required course for all graduate students. It is only offered every other summer, so students who have not taken it should take it this summer.
  • Independent Study Courses: Independent study courses are not allowed to count toward the thirty hours required in this program.
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