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The Writing Center 

wc-stafffTick tock. Tick tock. It’s the night before your term paper is due. You read the assignment and you’re racking your brain for ideas, but you don’t even know where to start. You should’ve gone to the Writing Center!

Located in Forsyth Library, the Writing Center offers trained consultants to help you tackle those writing assignments. From choosing a topic to perfecting your documentation style, our consultants can help you to strengthen your writing skills and prepare you to take your place in the world.

Students from all majors and cultures visit the Writing Center. Whether your professor refers you to us or you’re just not sure you’re doing the assignment right, the consultants can help you out. Consultants are not editors or proofreaders; instead, they help you see patterns of errors in your writing so you can make improvements. Make sure to visit the Writing Center a few days before your paper is due, so you have time to polish your work!

The FHSU Writing Center is committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for students, staff, faculty, and alumni. While housed in the English Department, we serve the entire campus community. We welcome clients of all levels of ability to receive individual tutoring on any piece of writing -- at any stage of the writing process. Because we believe that learning to write is a life-long process, our goal is to create better writers through one-on-one instruction and intensive grammar crash courses. Our team of undergraduate and graduate tutors is trained to provide you with resources, tips, and techniques across a variety of disciplines.

All on-campus FHSU students, faculty, and staff can take advantage of this free service for all of your writing projects, thanks to the sponsorship of the Department of English and the support of Forsyth Library. If you are an online learner taking only Virtual College courses, you can find free online writing support and other tutoring through smarthinking.com [NOTE ONE "T"]. Eligibility for services is determined based on a review of current semester/term information. (On-campus students are not eligible for smartthinking.com because you have access to the services offered on campus by Academic Success Programs and the Writing Center.) For more information about smarthinking.com, please contact Kathleen Dougherty, Virtual College Online Student Communication Strategist, at 800-628-3479 ext. 4291 or 785-628-4291 or virtualcollege@fhsu.edu.

Faculty members, are you encouraging your students to go to the Writing Center? If you have an assignment that requires your students to set up an appointment with us, please send us a copy of the assignment ahead of time, so we can better serve your students.

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