English as a Second Language Session Information

The ESL Center is an intensive language program that functions in eight-week terms that go all year round. This means that during a full year (January-December), there are five total terms. Also the program offers four levels, but the levels for which there is the most demand will be the levels we open. For example, the center typically runs levels A2, B1, and B2 regularly.

Each level consists of reading, writing, conversation, and main courses. Each level offers six (6) credit hours total, so if two terms are taken (August-October and October-December) during a standard academic semester, then the total number of enrollment hours will be twelve (12). International students must enroll in a minimum of twelve credit hours in order to meet immigration requirements. 

When students first arrive, they will be required to take a placement exam, which is a thorough and complex exam with various language questions that determines the level at which students should begin. This exam is modeled after a few language proficiency exams that most universities use for testing, but it is arranged by the FHSU ESL Center personnel for all international students applying to FHSU. Also, ESL students are required to take an exit examination, which is like the placement exam; however, this exam is to measure students’ overall language competency and proficiency to estimate their preparedness for the university setting. 

ESL Program Schedule (PDF)

Schedule of Sessions:    
1st 8 weeks: August-October    
2nd 8 weeks: October-December
3rd 8 weeks: January-March
4th 8 weeks: March-May
5th 8 weeks: June-July
Levels of Instruction:     
A1: Elementary
A2: Pre-Intermediate
B1: Intermediate
B2: Upper-Intermediate
C1: Advanced


Session Application Deadline  Latest Arrival Date Language Screening
Classes Begin
August 2016     1 June 2016 12 August 2016 15 August 2016 22 August 2016
October 2016 15 August 2016 11 October 2016 12 October 2016 17 October 2016
January 2017 15 October 2016 9 January 2017 10 January 2017 January 17, 2017
March 2017 15 January 2017 7 March 2017 8 March 2017 13 March 2017
June 2017     1 April 2017 30 May 2017 31 May 2017 5 June 2017


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