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NSE is a great and extremely affordable opportunity to get out of the state and experience life beyond Kansas. For an Ag student, to go to a larger land grant institution, such as Iowa State, in my case, I am getting exposed to a larger variety of classes and larger facilities. Don't get me wrong, Fort Hays is an amazing school with an amazing faculty/staff, but this was my chance to explore some options I haven't had before.

One of my big fears leaving FHSU was that I was giving up potentially some great leadership roles, little did I know I would be stepping into some equally exciting ones on my exchange. Through my experiences at Iowa State, I have joined and taken on a leadership role in Sigma Alpha- "Sisters in Agriculture" professional sorority, been a part of Pre-vet club, perform scientific research under a distinguished professor, and this semester will have the chance to serve on the Iowa State University's Agriculture Student Council.

If you are someone who might be interested in Graduate school, you might look into this type of exchange, because it gives you a chance to get a better sense of what the graduate school is like and make some of those needed connections with people you won't find unless you go there.      -     Emily Griess


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