Financial Assistance Office

Terms and Conditions

All FHSU students must adhere to the following terms and conditions when accepting financial aid.

Statement of Educational Purpose - I declare that I will use any funds I receive under the Title IV Program (Federal Perkins Loan, Federal College Work-Study, Federal Supplemental Grant, Federal Direct Loan, Federal TEACH Grant, and Federal Pell Grant) for expenses connected with my attendance at Fort Hays State University.  I swear I do not owe a refund or repayment to any institution on any Title IV grants I have received, and I am not in default on any Title IV loans that have been made, insured, or guaranteed by the Secretary of Education.  I am aware that to continue receiving any federal student assistance, I must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (see below) in my course study. 

Information and Eligibility Changes - I understand my financial aid package is estimated and subject to revision if changes occur in my: 1) cost of attendance; 2) grade level; 3) enrollment level; 4) levels of federal and/or state funding; 5) additional scholarships or resources; 6) financial aid received at other schools during the same academic year; or, 7) adjustments made through verification, Financial Aid appeal, Professional Judgment Review, or program funding levels. I also understand that enrollment level changes for additional eligibility cannot be made after initial disbursement of any federal aid and that non-attendance or participation in any class may result in a recalculation and subsequent repayment of aid already disbursed.  

 I agree to immediately report any name or address change on Tiger Tracks or report the change directly to the Registrar's Office.

I understand inaccurate information, intentional or otherwise, on any part of the financial aid application may result in cancellation of my aid and the repayment of all aid improperly received.  WARNING:  I further understand if I purposely give false or misleading information, I may be subject to a $10,000 fine, prison sentence, or both. 

Scholarships/Additional Aid - I agree to report any scholarships or other aid not listed on this award letter using the Additional Resource Sheet available online.  My receipt of such awards may result in an adjustment to financial aid.  I understand scholarships listed on this award letter may have only been awarded and not necessarily accepted. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress -I have read the Financial Assistance Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and understand that my academic performance will be reviewed at the end of the fall, spring, and summer terms. If I totally withdraw or fail to complete all courses in which I am enrolled during any term, I understand that I will be placed on financial aid suspension. I must complete at least 67% of the hours I attempted at FHSU and any other school attended, maintain a satisfactory cumulative grade point average, and complete my program of study according to the provisions outlined in the policy. (The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is available in the Financial Assistance Office and posted on the Financial Assistance web site.)

Return of Title IV Funds Policy -I understand if (1) I totally withdraw from classes, (2) stop attending (or do not begin attendance) before completing the semester and receive all Unsatisfactory grades (U’s) for final grades, or (3) do not complete all courses that I was scheduled to attend for the entire semester for which I was enrolled, I will be subject to the Return of Title IV Funds Policy and subject to immediate repayment of disbursed aid. For more information, I should contact Student Fiscal Services, Picken Hall, Suite 317, or at (785) 628-5558, to review the University's Return of Title IV Funds policy.

Eligibility/Disbursement - I understand financial aid cannot be disbursed until I have met all of the following requirements:  1) Admitted to FHSU as a degree-seeking student; 2) Responded to all requests for information; 3) Enrolled in the number of hours for which my aid is calculated (this policy applies even if my classes do not start until later in the term); 4) If receiving a loan, completed loan entrance counseling and master promissory note (MPN);  5) Selected valid refund option for excess funds; 6) Resolved any enrollment holds;  and, 7) Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

I understand aid is applied first to tuition and fees, residential life charges, and any other charges assessed as per the Student Fiscal Services Office rules for Disbursement of Financial Assistance. With the exception of intersession book vouchers, books are not part of university charges, and therefore, I am responsible for purchasing textbooks.  Federal Parent PLUS loans and parent/third-party alternative or private loans are applied to University charges first, and excess funds are refunded directly to the parent or third party, not to the student.

If I apply for federal aid, I understand I must wait to receive all types of aid-including scholarships, state grants, etc.--until my federal aid is eligible for disbursement.  If I no longer want to be considered for aid before federal aid is disbursed, I must contact the Financial Assistance Office to inactivate my federal aid application at Fort Hays State University.

Right to Cancel - I understand that I have the Right to Cancel all or a portion of my Federal Direct Loan, Federal Perkins, or Federal PLUS loans or Federal TEACH Grant. I must notify the Student Fiscal Services office within 14 days AFTER my financial aid is disbursed if I want to cancel all or a portion of my loans. I understand that if I want to exercise my Right to Cancel or have questions concerning this process, I can contact Student Fiscal Services, Picken Hall, Suite 317, or at (785) 628-5558.

Summer and Intersession Term Procedures - I understand if I am interested in receiving summer or intersession financial aid, I must contact the Financial Assistance Office for eligibility requirements. FHSU fully awards for fall and spring, therefore, students may not have summer or intersession eligibility in all programs. Book vouchers will be available to eligible students with Title IV credit balances for intersession enrollment. 

Gramm-Leach Bliley Act - FHSU is in compliance with this policy for securing financial information.  The policy is located on the FHSU Student Fiscal Services website.  

Notice of Non-discrimination - Fort Hays State University does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, national origin, color, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status in its educational programs, employment and all other activities. In addition, the university does not discriminate on the basis of a person’s genetic information. FHSU is committed to an environment in which students, faculty, administrators, and staff work together in an atmosphere free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, exploitation and intimidation, including, but not limited to, verbal, physical, or written behavior directed toward or relating to an individual or group on the basis of their protected class status. Individuals who believe they have been discriminated against or harassed on the basis of their protected class status or are victims of sexual harassment should report such acts to the university Equal Employment Opportunity Officer who will assist the grievant in seeking redress through the appropriate procedure. The university’s Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure applies to grievances involving students, administrators, faculty or staff. The EEO Officer may be contacted at 600 Park Street, Hays, KS 67601, (785) 628-4033. 

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