First Year Experience (FYE)
Tiger Impact

What is Tiger Impact?
Tiger Impact is the four-day fall orientation program designed just for incoming students. Tiger Impact includes a variety of events to help you become acquainted to campus, succeed at FHSU and create lifelong friendships. Incoming Tigers will have the opportunity to enjoy a kick-off session, keynote speakers, a comedian, Tiger Impact traditions and give back to the Hays and Ellis County communities through a service project.

Why Are New Students Required to Participate in Tiger Impact?
We want YOU to succeed at FHSU! As part of FHSU's First Year Experience initiative, the goals of Tiger Impact are to:

  • Create opportunities for to make new friends.
    At Tiger Impact events, you will meet new people & learn about all the ways to get involved in student organizations at FHSU. 
  • Present information and education regarding social issues.
    There are a lot of new freedoms when you move away from home. Temptations like alcohol, drugs, and sex may not have been an issue when you lived at home. How do you respond to these issues now? What about your physical health—and mental health? Do you know where to go at FHSU to stay healthy? During Tiger Impact, we hope to present you with information, resources, and options to make the best decisions for YOU.
  • Provide information regarding academic expectations for college success.
    Is college really different from high school? What will my professors expect of me? You will learn about adjustment to FHSU, time management, work and class balance recommendations, academic policies and academic honesty.
  • Offer information regarding campus resources.
    Coming to college is a transition, and you will need some time to learn the lay of the land. During Tiger Impact, we will introduce you to campus policies & procedures; inform you of office locations; and fill you in on the many services available on campus that can help you to succeed.

2014 Tiger Impact Schedule - Mark your calendars now for these events!  

Big Day Out - Orientation Service Project
Saturday, August 16, 9:30-11:45 AM
Join your fellow Tigers in giving back to those in the Hays/Ellis County area during Tiger Impact weekend. Registration will be opening soon!

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