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Department of Geosciences - Student Organizations

Geosciences student organizations are working in unique cooperation to enable students to participate in as many clubs and events as possible. The clubs hold joint meetings with each club having time to discuss club business and activities.  


Sternberg Geosciences & GeoCaching Club

2016-2017 Club Officers:
President -
Luke Rifjkogel
VP - Kristopher Super
Secretaries - Logan Behr, Ashli Dinkel
Treasurer - Casey Kraus
Activities Chair -
Faculty Sponsors - Dr. Keith Bremer

Club Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of each month, 4:45pm-5:45pm, TH 225


  • 9/30/16 Booth at Oktoberfest
  • Additional fundraisers in development

Events & Activities: Weekend field trips to various sites and activities of interest, community service, geoadventures

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History: The Sternberg Geosciences [formerly "Geology"] Club, organized in 1968, honors the Geosciences as well as the Sternberg family . The "GeoClub" is a student organization which seeks to promote interest in geology and geography and regularly holds field trips, scientific seminars, and social events each year. It is also the goal of the club to establish interactive communications between those alumni who are practicing geologists and geographers and the club members who are aspiring to become geoscientists. Club members assist surrounding schools by making personal visits in an effort to promote the geoscience program at FHSU. They also participate in the annual Oktoberfest event each fall to raise funds for club activities, as well as to enjoy the cultural flavor of the 'fest.

The GeoCaching Club, organized in 2006 and combined with the Sternberg Geosciences Club in 2008, is a club open to any FHSU member interested in the outdoor high-tech treasure-hunting game known as Geocaching. 

In 2008 the Sternberg Geosciences Club and FHSU Geocaching Club realigned themselves to meeting at the same time and inviting all members of both clubs to participate in all events. The combined club now operates under the name Sternberg Geosciences and Geocaching Club.



AAPG/SEG Student Chapters - Petroleum Geology Clubs

2016-2017 AAPG/SEG Student Chapter Officers
President - 
VP -
Treasurer - 
Secretary -
Membership Chair -
Events/Activity Chair -
Faculty Sponsor - Dr. Hendratta Ali

Club Meetings: Wednesdays, TH 225


Student Chapter of SEG

 If you are interested in this club please contact Dr. Hendratta Ali at or the membership chair.

Student Chapter of AAPG

If you are interested in this club please contact Dr. Hendratta Ali at or the membership chair.



Women in STeM Club

2016-2017 Club Officers:
President -

VP -
Secretaries -
Treasurer -
Activities Chair -
Faculty Sponsors -

Club Meetings:


  • Fundraisers in development

Events & Activities:

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