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Field Camp Trailer. Honk if you see us going down the road!!

2016 Field Camp

May 23 to June 17
GSCI 454 - 3 credits & GSCI 454 VA 3 credits [Total 6 credit Semester Hours]

 FIELD CAMP 2016 IS FULL! Email Dr. Zhang to inquire about waitlist options. 

An integrative geosciences capstone course involving a broad range of applied field techniques and procedures. Students will not only be evaluated in the field on traditional field methods such as measuring and describing stratigraphic sections, correlating stratigraphic sections, interpretation of ancient depositional environments, making geologic maps, mapping structural features, they will also complete projects on applied environmental geophysics using MagMapper, Surfer, and Grapher computer modeling, GPS, and ArcView GIS.


Field Camp heads west to Colorado and Utah, and will be taught primarily by Dr. Chunfu Zhang with project support from Dr. Ken Neuhauser. Mapping projects cover large and small sites beginning with simple to more complex in Dinosaur National Park and the San Rafael Swell of Utah, as well as in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. These projects involve the use of bruntons, topographic and air photo base maps, and stereonets. Products [which you may keep] include geologic maps, composite stratigraphic sections, and structural and stratigraphic cross sections, as well as supplemental interpretive reports. You will also use a Geometrics cesium magnetometer in conjunction with GPS and GIS databases, Surfer, and ArcView GIS in an applied geophysics and scientific writing project on the FHSU campus. Note: Field Camp is physically demanding - you must be in shape. At times you will be required to hike up rugged rocky slopes at elevations as low as 6000 feet up to 11,000 feet in hot weather. So, be sure you are prepared for such respiratory demands. A typical daily routine begins with breakfast at 7:00 am, in-field projects until 4 or 5 pm, followed by supper. Evenings consist of in-camp study time in department tents or dorms. Campsites will be in national parks and private campgrounds. You will also have access to showers, laundry, phone, etc. at most of the campgrounds, with a few exceptions - see itinerary for specifics. You will also have a mineral, rock, and fossil exam at the end of camp.

Email instructors for documents with complete information on field camp including overview, itinerary, how to enroll, what to bring, and other important information.

How to Enroll:

If you are already an FHSU student enrolled in Dr. Neuhauser's Field Methods you will pre-enroll as you normally do using Tiger Tracks. You will also need to submit a $100 commitment deposit, complete field camp forms, and make your final fee payment as outlined in the information provided to you.

If you are not an FHSU student enrolled in Field Methods at Fort Hays State University during the spring semester please complete the following steps:

  1. To inquire about the availability of non-FHSU student spots, e-mail Dr. Chunfu Zhang ( or Dr. Neuhauser ( your interest. If one of the limited non-FHSU spots is open Dr. Zhang will ask you to submit a $100 commitment deposit and complete additional forms. Once your $100 deposit arrives, you will be placed on the camp roster.
  2. To be officially pre-enrolled log on to FHSU's main webpage ( and click on "Admissions" (right side of the screen). Then click "Apply Now" (right side), then click "A citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America". You will apply as a non-degree undergraduate (also if appropriate put a check in the "I have not previously attended FHSU" box). Next, wait at least 48 hours for your application to be processed. Once you have applied and your application is processed, Dr. Zhang will be your advisor.
  3. Once you receive notice that your application has been processed go to and click on the "Newly Admitted Students" tab (on the right side). Select "TigerTracks/TigerEnroll Information (only)". Follow the steps to activate your Tigertracks login.
  4. To pre-enroll go to FHSU's main webpage and click on the TigerTracks link on the upper right corner of the screen. Log in to TigerTracks. Click the "Online Services" tab then click on the "Log-in to TigerEnroll" link at the bottom of the page. Follow the step-by-step instructions to pre-enroll. You will need to enroll in two courses: GSCI 454 Field Studies in Geosciences (on-campus 3 credit hours) and  GSCI 454 VA Field Studies in Geosciences (virtual 3 credit hours). If you have trouble with any of this, call 785-628-5270 and ask for Jennifer Thornton,

You will be officially enrolled when the following is complete: the field camp fee-balance and full tuition payments arrive and enrollment has been approved by Dr. Neuhauser.

Mailing contact:

Dr. Chunfu Zhang, Coordinator FHSU Geology Field Studies
Assistant Professor of Geosciences
Department of Geosciences
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601

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