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Department of Geosciences - Certificates Program

The Department of Geosciences certificates can be obtained on-campus, through virtual college, or a combination of both.

GIS User Certificate (9 Hours)

The GIS User Certificate program allows students to develop technical skills in analyzing geographic patterns and relationships. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is used by many professions to gain valuable insights into spatial questions that other information systems do not provide. This nine credit hour certificate program offers the opportunity for students to develop a solid understanding of the fundamental principles and analytical techniques of GIS. The skill gained in the courses of this certificate can be applied to any major and is an effective way of adding value to either a bachelor's degree or master's degree. This certificate can increase employment potential as there is an increasing need among local, state, and federal agencies for individuals with skills in GIS. 


Required Courses:

GSCI 240 Introduction to GIS OR GSCI 225 GIS Foundations I 3 Hours
GSCI 360 Intermediate GIS OR GSCI 325 GIS Foundations II 3 Hours


Elective Courses (choose one): 

GSCI 290 Cartography OR GSCI 280 Cartographic Concepts 3 Hours
GSCI 625 Advanced GIS 3 Hours
GSCI 674 Remote Sensing OR GSCI 330 Remote Sensing Concepts 3 Hours



Museum Studies Certificate (12 Hours)

GSCI Museum Mgmt 3 Hours
GSCI Museum Collections Mgmt 3 Hours
GSCI Museum Exhibit Planning & Design 3 Hours
GSCI Museum Public Education 3 Hours



 Request a Certificate

Certificates will be issued to individuals upon successful completion of requirements. All individuals meeting certificate requirements will need to register on-line for a printed certificate. Course and project completion will be confirmed before certificate is printed. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

Request a certificate on-line. This form is set to email your responses directly to the department, please complete all areas of the form before submitting.


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