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Top Ten Reasons Why To Study Geology At FHSU

10. Tomanek Hall facilities and cutting edge equipment. Enough said......Check out pictures of department facilites and equipment (coming soon).
9. Learn about ancient seaways and how giant meat-eating mosasaurs made "Jaws" look like a picnic. Learn how giant fish swallowed fish bigger than your Dad's boat!
8. Get personal attention from faculty members. We have a great student-faculty ratio and lots of opportunity for interaction. Learning for Geosciences majors extends far beyond the typical classroom. See Students in Action (coming soon)!!
7. Like basic science but want to find something you can relate to? Do you like historical mysteries where most of the puzzle pieces are missing? Well, geology may be for you!
6. Geology is a great stepping stone for advance degrees in engineering law, business, petroleum, and even art.
5. Love science already and want a challenge? Geology requires a working knowledge of physics, chemistry, and math. Go for it!!
4. Serious about research? Check out what geology faculty and students are doing.
3. Want to see more of the country? Do you love field trips? We offer at least 3-4 trips per semester. Check out our field trips.
2. Geology is both a high and low tech science. Check out some of the ways we're combining rock hammers and high-tech equipment.
1. Geology is relevant to almost every aspect of our lives and the future needs geologists. If you care about the future, please.....think about geology as a career. Check out some careers that are available.

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