Department of Geosciences - Petroleum Geology

A new option has been added to the Geology degree program: Petroleum Geology. Students will take GSCI 200 Physical Geology as the first core course. This is the same required beginning core course for all of our Geology degree emphasis options (Traditional, Environmental, Paleontology, Technical, Petroleum ). Students will then take GSCI 202 Historical Geology. The first petroleum geology specific core classes will be included in current course offerings.


"Image of Economy" Photo by Mary Settle, © 2007

Petroleum Geology will prepare students to find new sources of oil, as well as to work in the business end of oil production.

Download a summary of classes required for this track option (in pdf format). 

Petroleum Geology Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are now available for students specializing in either Petroleum Exploration or Operations. Applicants must sign a letter of intent and enroll in classes towards a geology degree with one of the petroleum emphasis. Other scholarships that can be added to this are our Award of Excellence scholarships ($500 or $900 depending on your ACT scores [21-23 and 24+ respectively); as well as FHSU's Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper Awards $1200/$800/$700/$500 - again per year and tied to ACT scores 28+/24-27/22-23/21 respectively. The Silver + Gold and Hispanic scholarships are renewable each year depending on maintaining a specified grade point.

If you have any questions, please contact the Petroleum Geology program director, Dr. Ken Neuhauser at or call (785) 628-5349.

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