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Students enrolled in courses and majoring within Geosciences at FHSU have many opportunities to participate in field-based and applied learning activities including field trips, internships, and independent research. These activities along with opportunities to attend workshops, trainings, and conferences at not only the regional but also the national level enhance students professional experience and provide exceptional networking opportunities.

Don't just take our word for it, read the comments below from students . . .


SEG/AAPG Student Expo 2012
By: Dustin Jensen, April 2012
The SEG/AAPG Student Expo was an exceptional experience to someone who has not had the opportunity to participate in a geology related convention. It was a great way to meet fellow geologists, both students and professionals alike, and speak with companies. Being able to see poster displays and witness the challenge bowl was also truly rewarding. I would highly recommend more undergraduates and graduate students to participate in this event and those like it!

GeoClubSpringBreakTrip2012GeoClub Spring Break 2012
By: Wendell Koehn

 This spring, four geoscience club members took advantage of a recreational/educational trip fully sponsored by the club. We left on a Tuesday morning during spring break, and traveled to Branson, Missouri.  Along the way, we stopped and admired Big Brutus, the largest electric mining shovel in the world, located near West Mineral, Kansas. We also made a detour through Joplin, Missouri, to check out the effects of the devastating tornado that ripped through the community last year. In Branson, we were mildly surprised to see a tornado had just recently gone through parts of the town there and caused some serious, if somewhat intermittent, damage. We had a great time touring the sights of Branson, as well as checking out the local nightlife. The next day, we traveled south to the Buffalo National River area of Arkansas, where we stayed night and hoped to do some river rafting and hiking the next day. Unfortunately, the area had been swamped with rain, and the river was too high for any river sports to be attempted. So, we did some hiking in the area and were able to see some magnificent views overlooking the magnificent Arkansas Ozarks. That afternoon, we traveled on down to our final destination, the Crater of Diamonds State Park, near Murfreesboro, Arkansas. We spent two nights camping here and a full day digging for diamonds hoping to strike it rich. Even though we did not get lucky, we all had a great time at Crater of Diamonds.  The weather was awesome and the camping was great. Saturday morning, we packed up and headed north towards Hays. It was a great trip.

Kansas Academy of Science, March 2012
By: Dustin Reagan


By: Cassie Morrison


Kansas Academy of Science, March 2011
By: Dustin Reagan

 Kansas Academy of Science was a great experience. Scientists and students from allover Kansas presented research encompassing disciplines of; paleontology,ecology, geology, biology, and geography. FHSU was not only represented by students and faculty, but also by two younger members from the KAMS program.   Dr. Moffett, a photographer for National Geographic, gave a compelling key-note presentation on the behavior of ants.  He provided several pictures of tropical ant species including the extremely rare “Hannibal Lecter” ant. Many thanks to Baker University and everyone involved to make the meeting a success.

My research focused on Central Kansas wetlands. Using a satellite called LandSat, wetlands including Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivera were analyzed based on their reflectance characteristics.  Since LandSat has been collecting data for several decades, it was possible to analyze images not only from the present but from the past.  This allowed me to detect wetland change over time and to infer a measure of wetland health based on characteristics of brightness, greenness, and wetness. The title of my research report was "Spectral Change Detection of Central Kansas Wetlands from 1990 to 2009" and I won 3rd place in the Graduate Oral Presentation category.

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