Get Healthy

Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Take advantage of free, confidential counseling for drug and alcohol issues as well as education for DUI, MIP, MIC, OC, and possession arrests.

Chartwells Catering & Food Service
See what’s on the menu, put flexi-cash on your Tiger card, or make catering arrangements.

Tiger Wellness Center
Beware of the freshman 15!  Make the most of free access to state-of-the-art fitness facilities, group exercise classes, nutrition counseling and personal trainers to get healthy and stay in shape.

Be part of one of the largest college intramural programs in the country, with activities to suit virtually any interest you have, from fantasy sports leagues to chili cook offs to softball tournaments!

Kelly Center Support Services
Take advantage of free tutoring, academic support, personal counseling, alcohol and drug counseling, and testing services to help you reach your academic and personal best.

Personal Counseling
Get the free, confidential support you need to manage stress, cope with transition, deal with relationship difficulties, or work on things you want to change.

Student Health
From treating minor illnesses to providing immunization shots and physical exams, Student Health is the place to go for support and health information on campus.

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