Fall Class Schedule

The Group Fitness Classes for Fall 2016 (All classes will begin the week of August 29th and are located in Cunningham hall Rm 122)

-5:30am-6:30am * Variety Fitness
-12:15pm-12:45pm *TRX
-4:40pm-5:20pm *H.I.I.T
-5:30pm-6:20pm * YOGA

-12:15pm-12:45pm *H.I.I.T
-4:40pm-5:20pm * TRX
-5:30-6:20pm * Zumba

-5:30am-6:30am *Variety Fitness
-12:15pm-12:45pm *TRX
-4:40pm-5:20pm *Strictly Strength
-5:30pm-6:20pm *Pilates

-12:15pm-12:45pm * BOSU/Boxing
-4:40pm-5:20pm * Core & Cardio
-5:30-6:20pm * Zumba

-5:30am-6:20am * Variety Fitness

-Variety Fitness : This class is a great way to start your day! Come check out the different variations of workouts and challenges we have for your body.
-H.I.I.T.: high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.
-YOGA: This class is a great way to focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellness. Surround yourself with a relaxing environment while working on the flexibility components of fitness.
-TRX: By utilizing your own bodyweight, the TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to perform multiple movements and gain strength in several areas. Other body weight and core exercises will be included.
-Zumba: A Latin-inspired dance-fitness class. The cardio based dance movements are easy-to-follow steps that include body sculpting, which targets areas such as gluteal, legs, arms, core, abdominals, and the most important muscle in the body, the heart.♥
-Bosu/Boxing: A challenging workout using a BOSU (half of a phyisioball that is placed on a dome) to recruit stabilizing muscle’s for core and overall body strength. Boxing- A great workout for everyone interested in improving their fitness and stamina. Additional muscle and motion exercises are incorporated to strengthen and tone. You will have fun, reduce stress, and get an awesome workout in.
-Strictly Strength: Work your muscles in every way possible in this class designed to build strength, add definition, increase your bone density, and decrease your body fat by increasing your lean muscle. You will use dumbbells, plates, resistance bands, and machines.
-Pilates : improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.
-Core & Cardio: A mixture of core based and cardio movements using various pieces of equipment and fitness sty

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