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To learn more about Study Abroad opportunities at FHSU, plan to attend the Get World Ready Study Abroad Fair.  This year's fair will be held on Wed. Sept 25 from 11 am - 1 pm in the Sunset Lounge of the Memorial Union.  

Stepping out of your comfort zone and into a society you are completely unfamiliar with may seem like a terrifying thought at first, but think about the ways it can benefit you. Fort Hays State University offers semester and yearlong study abroad programs to all over the world. While taking on these journey’s, students will acquire experiences most people will not encounter in a lifetime. Last summer, Korby Boswell, Katherine Obholz, and Bryanda Martinez were selected to study abroad in China at Sias International University for one month out of the summer. 

 “When traveling to another country, you learn the things textbooks have a hard time teaching. Culture is a perfect example,” Korby said. “People frequently asked me while I was in China to take pictures with them, because they were not familiar with blonde haired people. It was quite the cultural experience.” 

Obholz and Martinez explained their trip to China as being an eye opener.  “I gained a deeper appreciation for the little things in life,” Obholz said. “I am more aware of the fact that no matter what your ethnic background is, you are just like everyone else. We are all human, with similar goals and lifelong dreams.”

While in China, students began by traveling for the first 10 days. They saw the Bird’s Nest where the 2008 Olympics were held, the Great Wall of China, and even the Forbidden City. Bowell, Obholz, and Martinez then spent the remainder 20 days on Sias campus studying a variety of different courses including: Chinese language, martial arts, calligraphy, Chinese cooking, pink-pong, and golf; all of which are important in learning the Chinese culture. While on the Sias campus they were also taken on smaller field trips, one of which was to the Shaolin Temple in Denfeng. Before coming back to American, students ended their trip by traveling to two other popular sites. The first was to Luoyang, where the Luoyang Grottoes are located. This is one of the most famous treasure houses of stone inscriptions in China, and ended up being Boswell’s favorite part of the entire trip. Their final stop was to the beautiful city of Shanghai where they soaked up the last bit of Chinese scenery before returning home.    

Every interviewed student who has traveled abroad, has highly recommended others to step outside the box and experience these amazing places. For additional information on FHSU's Study Abroad Program you can visit:  http://www.fhsu.edu/exchange/

 Also, be sure to check out the interview posted below with FHSU student Katherine Obholz: 



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