Bachelor's of History- Teacher Education (160 Credits)

Note: Students will be licensed in U.S. History and Government and World History at the secondary level (6-12). Additional endorsements are available via the appropriate departments. For more information check the History Department web site:

University Degree Requirements



Specified General Education Courses:  
Foundation Studies (must include MATH 110)  18
Freshman Seminar 1
Elective/Specified General Education Courses:  
Liberal Arts  
International Studies Component:  
            ENG 125 World Literature and the Human Experience 3
            GSCI 110 World Geography  3
Distribution Areas:  
            IDS 350 Multiculturalism in the United States  3
            Two Electives 6
            Mathematics and Natural Sciences:  
            MATH 250 Elements of Statistics  3
            Two Electives 6
            One Laboratory  1
            Social and Behavioral Sciences:  
            ECFI 202 Principles of Economics: Macro  3
            POLS 101 American Government 3
            SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology 3
Upper-division Integrative Course (one elective) 3
  History majors seeking licensure to teach in  
Kansas are required to take ONE of the following IDS courses:  
     IDS 300 Economic Ideas and Current Issues  
     IDS 402 U.S. Human Geography: Issues for the 21st Century  
     IDS 499 Global Environmental Issues  
Additional Humanities or Social Science Elective Courses:  
Choose one:  
ECFI 201 Principles of Economics: Micro  
GSCI 101 Elements of Physical Geography  
GSCI 105 Cultural Geography  
GSCI 321 United States Geography  
SOC 145 Introduction to Culture  
SOC 388 Sociology of the Family in America  3
Modern Language Courses  
Beginning courses I and II  10
Department/Major Requirements  
Core Courses (21 hours)  
HIST 099 Senior Assessment 0
HIST 100 Orientation to History     1
HIST 110 World Civilization to 1500 3
HIST 111 Modern World Civilization 3
HIST 130 United States History to 1877 3
HIST 131 United States History Since 1877 3
(Proficiency in HIST 110, HIST 130, and HIST 131 may be  
demonstrated by either completing each of the courses or achieving a  
score of at least 85 percent on each of the Department’s History  
Proficiency Examinations.)  
HIST 379 Historical Methods 3
HIST 675 Seminar in History 0
Major Electives (three hours must be HIST 675 Seminar in History) (24 hours)  
Upper-division electives in United States history 12
Upper-division electives in European history 9
Upper-division electives in World history  9
Cognates (12 hours)  
POLS 103 State and Local Government 3
POLS 230 Introduction to International Relations  3
Two Political Science electives  6
Teacher Education Requirements (35 hours)  
HIST 277 Early Field Experiences: Social Studies Education  1
HIST 479 Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies 3
TECS 290 Introduction to Instructional Technology 3
TEEL 202 Foundations of Education 3
TEEL 231 Human Growth and Development 3
TEEL 431 Educational Psychology 3
TESP 302 Educating Exceptional Students 3
TESS 494 The Secondary School Experience 4
TESS 496 Student Teaching Secondary 12
University Degree Requirements 68
Department/Major Requirements 92
Total 162