Bring History to Life

Learning about history does not just happen in the classroom.  Whether you go on field trips, conduct research with a faculty member or take on a summer or semester-long internship, discover how you can put the study of history into practice.

Field Trips
Going on field trips is one way to do history, rather than just have it done to you!  A variety of history courses take trips to historical sites, museums, and archives in the region and out of state.    Meet professionals behind the scenes to see how they actually work.  These trips give you the opportunity to see history in practice, meet with successful professionals in the field, and explore a variety of career options available to you.

The FHSU History program also offers the experience of the "real world" before entering the work force full time. With committed faculty members to assist you in networking and finding a position, you can spend valuable time within your field of study while making connections in a field that interests you. Work at a museum, historical society or other organization related to your field of study, gain hands-on experience and make valuable contacts to give you an advantage when applying for graduate school or that first position after college.

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)
If you are a graduate student, why not work within your field? Graduate teaching positions are available each semester to those who qualify. Receive experience working under a faculty member and get paid at the same time!

Study Abroad
Are you interested in the history of a particular country or region?  Add incredible depth to your degree program by taking a summer, semester or even a year to engross yourself in the culture and history of a different part of the world.  Visit the Study Abroad Office to learn more!

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