TigerNet Challenge Science Fair - 2013

The TigerNet Challenge Science Fair is a traditional science fair contest where participants devise their own science projects and report on their results, all seeking recognition and prizes. For this science fair, topics are expected to fall within the following areas: Routing, Switching, Network Security, and other Internetworking concepts. Secondary students (high school) and post-secondary students that are taking coursework in the Cisco Networking Academy Program's midwest region are allowed to participate. Secondary and post-secondary students are split into two separate divisions.

The 2013 TigerNet Challenge Science Fair concluded in May and Judges deliberated during the busy culmination of the spring term.

The 2013 TigerNet Challenge Science Fair had five finalists that are awarded final honors as follows:

First Place Logan Staab  Hays, KS; On-campus Information Networking & Telecommunications undergraduate student
  Logan conducted a study investigating temporal inefficiencies resulting from the implementation of IPSec VPNs.
Second Place Marcus Schmidt Spearville, KS; On-campus Information Networking & Telecommunications undergraduate student
  Marcus conducted a comparative study on failure recovery delays resulting from implementation variations in local area network spanning trees.

Runners-Up (alphabetical order):

William Middleton  Sandsli, Norway; Distance learning MPS Computer Networking graduate student
  William devised a scripting and monitor approach to enable dynamic load-balancing with GLBP.
Kyle Zerr  Stockton, KS; On-campus Information Networking & Telecommunications undergraduate student
  Kyle conducted a comparative study of reconvergence times in EIGRP and OSPF routing protocol network implementations.
Jenny Zhao  Xinzheng, China; On-campus MLS Computer Networking & Telecommunications graduate student
  Jenny conducted an analysis of monitoring methods for STP traffic changes.

 Gratitude goes out to Judges, competitive designers and to all participants for taking time to participate in this event.