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Certificate in E-Commerce Web Development


This certificate is designed for the person who seeks the skills to create an e-commerce site and who desires to understand the fundamentals of e-commerce marketing and strategy.


  • INT 250 Introduction to Web Development
  • INT 651 Advanced Web Development
  • INT 652 Intensive Web Development

And choose from two (undergraduate), or three (graduate) of:

  • INT 650 Interactive Systems Design
  • INT 654 Introduction to Web-Enabled Databases: MySQL 
  • INT 658 Law of Cyberspace
  • INT 678 Seminar in INT: Beginning Mobile Applications Development
  • INT 678 Seminar in INT: Web Security

Departments that Administer



There are two ways to claim your Certificate in E-Commerce Web Development:

For questions about course offerings, contact the Fort Hays State University Department of Informatics at (785) 628-5373 or email

To enroll or week enrollment information, contact the Fort Hays State University Office of the Registrar at (785) 628-4222.